The scope of the Environment Commission is the IT support of environmental decision making. Such IT systems are usually called Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems (EIDSS). Traditionally, these software systems are used in order to monitor the state of the environment, to analyze and model environmental processes, to assess potential consequences of decisions and thus help decision makers to make informed decisions. World-wide, the support of risk and disaster management applications has gained of importance recently.

There are two major scientific communities in this field. First there is a very strong European community, with a centre of gravity in Germany (EnviroInfo conference series). Secondly, there are substantial communities in Canada , Australia and the United States . These two communities each have a slightly different but complementary focus.

IFIP Working Group 5.11 Computers and Environment with its conference series ISESS is a small yet the only truly international organisation in this field.

This commission will cover the following themes:

  • Use and promote ICT as an instrument for environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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