About Botswana

Botswana is a cosmopolitan, peaceful democracy, boasting a stable macro-economic environment conducive to growth, diversification and foreign investment.

The country has developed dramatically since gaining independence in 1966, when it was classified as one of the 25 poorest in the world. Today it is the economic success story of Africa, recognised as one of the best performing small economies in the world. It is a progressive, prosperous young nation, richly blessed with natural resources that make it an outstanding tourism destination.

Its impressive economic growth is largely due to Botswana's exploitation of its vast mineral resources, notably diamonds, combined with far-sighted government policies. Mining revenues have been specifically invested to develop the national infrastructure as well as to enhance education, health, housing and other social services, dramatically improving the standard of living of Batswana.

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Building the infrastructure

Economic opportunity





Social, ethical and legal aspects

Empowerment and participation